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Nagashima, K.

Blockbuster T cells in the gut

Science, in press.

Nagashima, K.; Zhao, A.; Atabakhsh, K.; Bae, M.; Blum, J. E.; Weakley, A.; Jain, S.; Meng, X.; Cheng, A. G.; Wang, M.; Higginbottom, S.; Dimas, A.; Murugkar, P.; Sattely, E. S.; Moon, J. J.; Balskus, E. P.; Fischbach, M. A.

Mapping the T Cell Repertoire to a Complex Gut Bacterial Community

Nature, 2023, doi:10.1038/s41586-023-06431-8.

Wang, M.; Osborn, L. J.; Jain, S.; Meng, X.; Weakley, A.; Yan, J.; Massey, W. J.; Varadharajan, V.; Horak, A.; Banerjee, R.; Allende, D. S.; Chan, R. E.; Hajjar, A. M.; Wang, Z.; Dimas, A.; Zhao, A.; Nagashima, K.; Cheng, A. C.; Higginbottom, S.; Brown, J. M.; Hazen, S. L.; Fischbach, M. A.

Strain Dropouts Reveal Interactions that Govern the Metabolic Output of the Gut Microbiome

Cell, 2023, 186 (13), 2839-2852. e21

Chen, Y. E.; Bousbaine, D.; Veinbachs, A.; Atabakhsh, K.; Dimas, A.; Yu, V. K.; Zhao, A.; Enright, N. J.; Nagashima, K.; Belkaid, Y.; Fischbach, M. A.

Engineered skin bacteria induce antitumor T cell responses against melanoma

Science, 2023, 380 (6641), 203-210

Cheng, A. G.; Ho, P.-Y.; Jain, S.; Meng, X.; Wang, M.; Yu, F. B.; Iakiviak, M.; Brumbaugh, A. R.; Nagashima, K.; Zhao, A.; Patil, A.; Atabakhsh, K.; Weakley, A.; Yan, J.; Higginbottom, S.; Neff, N.; Sonnenburg, J. L.; Huang, K. C.; Fischbach, M. A.

Design, Construction and In Vivo Augmentation of a Complex Gut Bacterial Community

Cell, 2022, 185 (19), 3617-3636. e19

Guo, C.-J.; Allen, B. M.; Hiam, K. J.; Dodd, D.; Van Treuren, W.; Higginbottom, S.; Nagashima, K.; Fischer, C. R.; Sonnenburg, J. L.; Spitzer, M. H.; Fischbach, M. A.

Depletion of Microbiome-Derived Molecules in the Host Using Clostridium Genetics

Science, 2019, 366 (6471), eaav1282.


Tsukasaki, M.; Komatsu, N.; Nagashima, K.; Nitta, T.; Pluemsakunthai, W.; Shukunami, C.; Iwakura, Y.; Nakashima, T.; Okamoto, K.; Takayanagi, H.

Host Defense against Oral Microbiota by Bone-Damaging T Cells

Nature communications, 2018, 9 (1), 701.


Nagashima, K.; Sawa, S.; Nitta, T.; Prados, A.; Koliaraki, V.; Kollias, G.; Nakashima, T.; Takayanagi, H.

Targeted Deletion of RANKL in M Cell Inducer Cells by the Col6a1-Cre Driver

Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 2017, 493 (1), 437–443.


Nagashima, K.; Sawa, S.; Nitta, T.; Tsutsumi, M.; Okamura, T.; Penninger, J. M.; Nakashima, T.; Takayanagi, H.

Identification of Subepithelial Mesenchymal Cells That Induce IgA and Diversify Gut Microbiota

Nature immunology, 2017, 18 (6), 675–682.

Tsukasaki, M.; Hamada, K.; Okamoto, K.; Nagashima, K.; Terashima, A.; Komatsu, N.; Win, S. J.; Okamura, T.; Nitta, T.; Yasuda, H.; Penninger, J. M.; Takayanagi, H.

LOX Fails to Substitute for RANKL in Osteoclastogenesis

J. Bone Miner. Res., 2017, 32 (3), 434–439.

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